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Rick's Poetry

"Never Again" (cento) *09/12/11*

Never again will I test the dark side of romance,
I do not hook up with haunted circumstance:
you thought wrong assuming I'd not
break away;
we're so far apart
... these fears cannot stay.

Don't waste your time hoping my mind will change,
empty as I am our future can never rearrange:
walk away now ... your bewitching ways will not sate;
my last broken heart has been condemned by fate.

Miss independent you never cared about me,
a beautiful disaster is all you'll ever be:
don't let me stop you from stalking new game;
I'm already gone ... seeking sanity to reclaim.

*Kelly Clarkson song titles in italics*

 "Quickened Time" (villanelle) *12/10/11*

Time has quickened its leisurely pace,
Lachesis comes to me in dreams;
soon I will be released to Space.

Clotho spun my thread of finest lace
though it is now frayed at every seam;
time has quickened its leisurely pace.

For Atropos' severing I must brace,
no reason to fight on or scream;
soon I will be released to Space.

The Fates will try to remove all trace
of this poet's once vibrant theme;
time has quickened its leisurely pace.

Yet my friends' love they cannot erase;
their bond secure, my heart redeemed:
soon I will be released to Space.

I am prepared to take my place
among those in Eternity's stream:
time has quickened its leisurely pace;
soon I will be released to Space.

"Timid Heartbeats" (villanelle) *09/19/11*

When nightmares become real
dark entities have won;
timid heartbeats they steal.

There can be no appeal
in this place of no sun
when nightmares become real.

A pulse you cannot feel,
gated horrors undone;
timid heartbeats they steal.

Tombstone souls bare a seal
not possible to shun
when nightmares become real.

Evils bask in their zeal,
your conscious does not run;
timid heartbeats they steal.

As fate closes its deal
your ordeal has begun;
when nightmares become real,
timid heartbeats they steal.


"Enchanted whispers" (villanelle) *11/13/09*

Enchanted whispers nightly tease,
sweet midnight passes through;
their promises I cannot seize.

Hope soars upon a mystic breeze,
drifting past without clues;
enchanted whispers nightly tease.

Senses blinded by beauty's ease,
cryptic voices ensue;
their promises I cannot seize.

Lost in reflection romance flees,
gone before morning's dew;
enchanted whispers nightly tease.

Shadows taunt among mute leas,
mere orphic residue;
their promises I cannot seize.

Nocturnal flights do not appease,
dream figures are not you:
enchanted whispers nightly tease;
their promises I cannot seize.

12.jpg picture by lostineternity99 

"Forever Lost" *03/10/08*

You haunt my heart with spells
seductive in flavor; virtuous appeals
go unheeded for your enchantments
entangle me in their limitless passion.

You flaunt assets no man could resist
in dreams so vivid I awaken drenched
in your fragrance; desirous kisses linger
and the imprints of curves frame sheets

so tangibly I can almost...almost touch you.
I'm your plaything, nothing more yet I live
for nocturnal trysts and you never disappoint.
You smile and resistance melts...your touch

enflames my soul. Time inches ever closer
to the moment you claim my spirit as your
own...forbidden rules of conduct cast aside;
into you I'll mist, forever lost in your touch.